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Welcome to WESTREAM below under are terms and conditions of using our Social Media Portal. Please we urge you to go through all terms and conditions below under wholly and make sure you understand them prior using our platforms.  Thank you let the going begin.


By using this platform you as a user agree that


: You agree that you shall treat other users of this platform and comment fairly without infringing others rights.

: You will not post content that might cause violence on and off this platform. Example you will never post content that can lead to riots in the community.


: As a user be it individual or juristic person you agree that you will not post ads of stolen goods here nor post misleading ads

: Even though we will take fair measures to screen advertisers on our platform, you as users further agree that you will take appropriate measures to also screen advertisers herein and will not hold TSB Media (Pty) Ltd for any loss suffered due to your lack of scrutinising advertisers

You shall never post or advertise nudes on this platform


: You further agree that you will not steal or cause to download other users intellectual properties which amongst others but limited to photos, music, videos prior consent of owners